Talus brings structure and standardisation to the EPA process.

Talus works with your organisation's EPA model, monitoring and managing the entire process from apprentice registration to completion across any Apprenticeship Standard. The software assures effective communication between all the parties involved in the EPA process. This valuable tool helps organisations consistently deliver a high quality service.

STEP 1: Registration

  • Straightforward Apprentice Registration process – also includes early notifications and approval/rejection if required
  • Register the Apprentice for a Standard with associated Assessment Plan
  • Predefined user group permissions for Training Providers and Assessors

STEP 2: Gateway

  • Gateway checklists can be set up for each Apprenticeship Standard.
  • Each Gateway Component must be checked off for each Apprentice before entering the EPA.
  • Upload of supporting Evidence if required by¬†Gateway Component.

STEP 3: Assign Assessor & Schedule EPA

  • Approved Assessors are set up with defined roles and responsibilities within the EPA process.
  • Lead Assessor is assigned to the Apprentice.
  • Assessments can be scheduled between the Assessor(s) and the Apprentice – and other contacts if required.
  • Sign-off of Action Plan for the EPA.

STEP 4: Manage the EPA Process

  • Schedule and manage each Assessment within the EPA to assess the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the Apprenticeship.
  • Track Apprentice progress including marks, grading, re-takes, assessment status, along with moderation/review processes.
  • Grading of overall EPA based on achievement in each Assessment, along with moderation/review processes.
  • Upload evidence and other documents
  • Full audit trail of the entire process

STEP 5: Reporting

  • Regularly updated information of monitoring and tracking of the delivery of assessments.
  • Reports include: new registrations, new early notifications awaiting approval, registrations not invoiced, registrations not paid, early notifications or registrations where gateway is expected soon, EPAs in progress, EPAs where an assessment is soon to occur, EPAs where an event is overdue – and many more …
  • Additional reports can be added quickly – and results exported to Excel