Always aiming higher ...

What sets Talus apart from the crowd? Partly it's the logical layout, partly it's the amazing dashboard view of the whole business, partly it's the detailed functions which other systems don't cover (eg pathways, action plans, IQA) - but the most important factor is: customer service. Support isn't provided via a generic email address where you don't get a reply for a couple of days, but you will be allocated a named consultant to guide you through the setup process - and who will provide proactive support on an ongoing basis. We believe in working collaboratively and we want to hear your suggestions for improvements to the system - if something helps your business then it also helps our business.

STEP 1: Registration

  • Straightforward apprentice registration process – also includes early notifications and approval/rejection if required
  • Allow training providers to register online or import a spreadsheet of registrations
  • Customise the functions that your training providers are able to access
  • Do your standards have pathways? Talus is one of the few systems which fully supports pathways.

STEP 2: Gateway

  • Gateway checklists are specific to each apprenticeship standard
  • Each gateway item must be completed before the gateway request can be submitted
  • Supporting evidence can be defined as mandatory for each gateway item
  • Additional gateway items can be added by you, to support your specific business processes

STEP 3: Assign Assessor & Schedule EPA

  • Approved assessors are defined with specific roles and associated with specific standards
  • A lead assessor is assigned to the EPA as a whole, but other assessors can be assigned to each assessment
  • Detailed scheduling of assessments is available, with recording of dates, times and attendees
  • Some standards require formal approval of an action plan for assessments – this is supported by Talus

STEP 4: Manage the EPA Process

  • Schedule and manage each assessment within the EPA to assess knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • Track apprentice progress including marks, grades, re-takes/re-sits – plus full IQA process
  • Assessors and IQAs can login to submit marks & grades and perform IQA functions
  • Grading of overall EPA based on achievement in each assessment
  • Upload evidence and other documents
  • Full audit trail of the entire process

STEP 5: Reporting

  • You’ll love our amazing dashboard view of registrations, gateway requests, EPAs in progress and completed
  • Reports include: new registrations, new early notifications awaiting approval, registrations not invoiced, registrations not paid, early notifications or registrations where gateway is expected soon, EPAs in progress, EPAs where an assessment is soon to occur, EPAs where an event is overdue – and many more …
  • Additional reports can be added quickly – and results exported to Excel