What our clients say ...

"The customer service is so friendly and helpful. We wanted to work with a supplier who treated the business relationship as a partnership and that's exactly how Gordon Associates operate."
"The screens are clear and logical, which makes them really easy to use."
"I love the Talus dashboard! I can drive my workload just by clicking on each dashboard item."

Tailored To Your Needs

    Talus is customisable and can evolve as your processes evolve.

    You can define how assessments should be customised to your way of working for each apprenticeship standard.

    You are able to customise the gateway checklists for each standard.

    Even our amazing dashboard is customisable!

System Connections

  • Talus can connect to external systems, such as finance systems, eAssessment, ePortfolio, Microsoft CRM and many more …
  • Talus API allows external systems to feed data into Talus so that it becomes your centralised system for managing the end-to-end EPA process
  • Connect to regulators and government bodies such as ESFA for uploading assessment results and claiming certificates
  • Migrate your existing data from your current system at the start up stage

Secure Your Data

  • Using the latest cloud-based technology, training providers and assessors are able to securely sign into our user-friendly Talus software using their smartphone, desktop or tablet
  • User group permissions control different security levels for administrators, training providers and assessors
  • There is an audit trail across the whole system and every field change is tracked with a timestamp and userstamp
  • Talus provides secure storage for uploaded documents

User Experience Design

  • Featuring a drill-down structure that complements comprehensive action lists for fast, efficient processing
  • Instantly provide action lists to track and monitor EPA process for each apprentice
  • Easy-to-use screen layouts: orange – requires IQA, green – IQA has been completed
  • Talus can be branded to your organisational marketing guidelines

Feature List: Core Functions

    Register Apprentices

    Registration in bulk via spreadsheet

    Optional approval process for registrations

    Manage Gateway Requests

    Gateway Document upload

    Assessor Allocation: distance, workload, calendar, conflicts

    Manage the EPA including …

    EPA planning meetings

    Automated email invites/acceptances

    Create/update assessments

    Manage different assessment types

    Record attendance

    Assessment Document upload

    Assessor login to record marks/grades etc

    IQA login to adjust marks/grades etc

    Full assessment & IQA process

    IQA Document upload

    Link to ESFA for Certificate Claim

    EPA break in learning & return

    Customise visibility of results to TPs

    Conflict of interest declarations


Feature List: Other Functions

    Training Providers: standards, contacts, contracts

    Contracts: standards, fees, discounts, SLAs and other documents

    Manage Employers

    Standards: manage settings

    Gateways: customise checklist items & uploads

    Manage Contacts including assessors, IQAs

    User Groups

    User Permissions: define who see what

    Email Audit Trail with Re-send

    Email Template Editor

    Sharing of Support Document with TPs, Assessors, IQAs

    Document Storage in Talus or Azure

    Full Management Reporting


    Configurable Welcome message to TPs

    Notes on every main screen

    Duplicate detection on apprentice names

Feature List: Compliance Processes

    With our optional Monarch module you can also manage:

    Conditions of Recognition

    Training Provider Onboarding

    Reasonable Adjustments

    Special Considerations


    Risk Register

    Any other process which requires collaboration with training providers, employers, apprentices using our customisable e-forms and workflows