Manage your entire EPA process with Talus

Tailored To Your Needs

  • Talus is customisable and can evolve as your processes evolve.
  • Allow precise, clear, structured Assessments to be setup for each Apprentice Standard.
  • You can define Gateway checklists specific each Apprenticeship Standard.
  • Instant visibility of Apprentices about to go through the Gateway or undergoing EPA

System Connections

  • Talus can connect to external systems, such as Parnassus, finance systems, eAssessment, ePortfolio, Microsoft CRM and many more …
  • Talus API allows external systems to feed data into Talus so that it becomes your centralised system for managing the end-to-end EPA process.
  • It’s possible to migrate data from any current systems at the start up stage.

Secure Your Data

  • User group permissions that controls different security levels for Administrators, Training Providers and Assessors.
  • A single sign on that allows the same credentials to authenticate access to multiple systems.
  • Using the latest cloud-based technology Training Providers and Employers are able to securely sign into our user-friendly Talus software using their smartphone, desktop or tablet.
  • Security permissions are audited and every field change is tracked with a timestamp and userstamp.
  • Talus provides secure storage for uploaded documents.

User Experience Design

  • Featuring a drill-down structure that complements comprehensive action lists. This supports regular user tasks to be more efficient.
  • Instantly provide action lists to track and monitor EPA process for each apprentice.
  • Easy-to-use screen layouts.
  • Talus can be branded to your organisational marketing guidelines.

Generate Reliable, Concise Reports

  • Instant standardised reports for you to control your business.
  • Fully customisable reports to suit your needs.
  • Instant email alerts delivered to managers/leaders for monitoring.
  • Fully audited system to monitor quality assurance and for compliance to ISO standards.